Firefighter of the year
The regional firefighter of the year award goes to Manfred Mustermann. Our congratulations!

Looking for new firefighters, men and women!
Are you interested in offering your time for the protection of your area? Then you should join the voluntary fire department.

Apply if youre a man or woman between the ages of 18 and 50. We would gladly like to invite you to take a tour of our facility. The 40 honorary members of our department would be excited about your visit.

A short history
The fire insurance office of the building offered 200 Gulden in 1897 for the creation of a fire estinguisher. As following, the municipal council decided to institute a voluntary firefigthing department for the area in 1880. By 1888 the fire department was working with two four wheeled and one two wheeled pressure sprayers. Since then a lot has happened.

Our equipment is of the highest standards. We have successfully handled 119 missions in 2007 alone. Going by our motto “all for one and one for all”, we are always there for you.